Toyko Canal City - Furukawa
(Stereo VR180 Experience)
Continue your journey along one of Tokyo’s many rivers and canals. In this episode, we cruise down the Furu River from the vicinity of Shiba Park to where it empties into Tokyo Bay. While its surrounds are famous for Tokyo Tower, Shiba-Toshogu Shrine, and Shiba Park itself, the river is also known for its many yakatabune - traditional Japanese pleasure craft that are chartered for parties - which berth here during the day. This area of the river was used as a setting for a scene in Oshii Mamoru’s film, “Patlabor 2: The Movie” and has since become a holy site for anime fans.

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トウキョウ・カナル・シティ - 古川
今回は古川を芝公園近辺から東京湾に向かって下ります。東京タワー、東照宮、芝公園などで有名ですが、日中は沢山の屋形船が停泊されているのでしらています。また、この区分は押井守監督作品「機動警察パトレイバー 2 the Movie」の名場面で登場し、アニメファンのメッカにもなっている。