Toyko Canal City - Kyunaka River
(Stereo VR180 Experience)
This episode we travel down the Kyunaka River. The “kyu” in the name means “formerly.” This river was actually the lower portion of the Naka River to the north, but was cut off in 1924 as part of the Ara River Flood Bypass, hence “formerly.” Sealed by floodgates at both ends, it is actually 1 meter lower than the Ara River. The beauty of the cherry blossom lined parks which extend down both sides of the river belies the tragedy of the deaths of more than 3000 people who tried to escape the ensuing fires of the Great Tokyo Air Raid of 10 March 1945. Every year memorial lanterns are launched into the river from the Fureai bridge. Although the floodgates are usually closed, they are opened for this event, so that the lanterns may exit into the Ara River.

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トウキョウ・カナル・シティ - 旧中川