Toyko Canal City - Megurogawa
(Stereo VR180 Experience)
Did you miss the cherry blossoms? Don’t worry, Kaukokaipuu Kobo has you covered! This episode we travel up Meguro River. Meguro River is a very special place for us since it flows past our windows and is famous for its cherry blossoms that line the embankments. Unfortunately the river is too shallow for our boat to reach our office, but there is plenty to see along the way. We enter the river from Tokyo bay, ducking under a passing Tokyo Monorail. Once past Showabashi, we are in Merugo River proper and continue to an area just downhill from Meguro station. Meguro River was once named Koritori River. “Kori” is a water purification ritual and the river was so named because the devout would purify themselves in the river before worshipping at Ryusenji, a buddhist temple also known as Meguro Fudo from which the area and eventually the river gets its name. Although shallow, seasonal rains often made the river dangerous, so starting in the Taisho period, construction was begun to control the waters as well as provide a navigable canal for commerce. For each phase of construction, local wealthy merchants would plant trees along the banks in celebration. There are now more than 800 “Somei-yoshino” cherry blossom trees to delight visitors during hanami (flower viewing) season.

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トウキョウ・カナル・シティ - 目黒川