Toyko Canal City - Nihonbashigawa
(Stereo VR180 Experience)
Take a ride through Tokyo's many rivers and tributaries. Tokyo was once known for its vast system of waterways but modernization has completely buried some under ground and some have been paved into into roads. They have also been used as paths for highways, blanketing the canals in shadow. Judgements aside, we can all agree this has created interesting spaces that many do not have a chance to experience, until now. In this first episode, we travel up the Nihonbashi River from near its branch off of the Sumida River towards the Kanda River. The river was almost completely covered by the Shuto Expressway in the 60’s. There are plans to liberate the skies above so even this vista won’t last forever.

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トウキョウ・カナル・シティ - 日本橋川