Toyko Canal City - Oyokogawa
(Stereo VR180 Experience)
It's sakura season! This episode we start at the western end of the Oyoko River and turn south on the Heikyu River to where the waters join the Shiohama Canal. Located in the northeastern corner of Tokyo, the Oyoko River was once Inohori River and Oshima River but was combined in 1965. The area was once bustling with cargo vessels and barges. During the war, dredging was not maintained and the riverbed rose, limiting traffic to high tide periods. By the 50’s, subsidence of the surrounding land made passing under some bridges impossible. Although not the commercial waterway it once was, it is now known for its cherry blossom trees and a city run program that lets visitors experience riding on Edo period boats.

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トウキョウ・カナル・シティ - 大横川